The InterAmerican Heart Foundation (IAHF) has had another excellent year of accomplishments and we wish to share our excitement with you, a Friend of the Foundation, by providing a report for the year 2017. We are particularly proud of the following:

• 5th Latin America and Caribbean Conference Tobacco or Health in Montevideo, Uruguay, which continues to be the premier gathering of scientists, advocates, and treatment specialists from government and non-government organizations to advance the tobacco control movement in our region;
• 3rd Healthy Latin America Coalition (CLAS) Workshop, also in Montevideo, Uruguay, advancing the prevention of chronic diseases (heart diseases and stroke, cancers, diabetes, and chronic lung diseases);
• Expansion of activities in chronic disease prevention and control, particularly obesity prevention; and
• Advocacy actions that helped advance healthy policies in Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Colombia and other countries of our region.

Because of our work in advocacy for the prevention and control of chronic diseases or NCDs (non-communicable diseases), the InterAmerican Heart Foundation received the "2017 Sharjah Award for Excellence on NCD Civil Society Action," one of only 4 receiving such an honor worldwide.

This year has also brought an important change in leadership with the hiring of Dr. Eugenia Ramos, of Colonia, Uruguay, as Executive Director.  Her enthusiasm has re-energized our organization and we look forward to a bright future under her leadership.  Dr. Beatriz Champagne will continue in the staff team and will add continuity and excellence to our work.

In addition to ongoing collaborations with the Interamerican Society of Cardiology and the World Heart Federation, we have deepened our relationships with the Global NCD Alliance movement for chronic diseases, with Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, and have renewed our official relations with the Pan American Health Organization. We also remain allied with the American Heart Association.

To continue the good work achieved to date, we rely on the good will of volunteers and supporters. Our Board is not remunerated for its work and, except for limited support for the President, the IAHF does not cover Board members travel. Even our staff is paid a token amount for the numerous hours they dedicate. While we seek project funding from national and international agencies, such funds are difficult to obtain and highly restricted.

As we move into our 3rd decade of activity, we are proud to have created a special category of supporting membership. In this regard we are writing to you to thank you for your support of the foundation.  We want to particularly thank those that have contributed financially to its growth. Please consider financially supporting the Foundation. If you have already done it in the past, consider it again and join our list of friends, supporters and patrons. All those who make a contribution of at least $ 50 US and who consent, will be listed on our website as Friends, those contributing between $51 and $499 US will be recognized as Supporters and those who contribute $500 or more will be designated as Patrons. Everyone will also be acknowledged in the year following their contribution in major promotional publications, conferences, etc., with patrons being acknowledged for two years.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation, we ask you to consider becoming a friend, a supporter or a patron. Tax receipts are available for donors upon request.

Thank you in advance for your support this year.

There are three convenient ways to make your contribution:

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