The NCD Alliance - Putting Non-Communicable Chronic Diseases on the Global Agenda - (English) (Spanish)
Here is an excellent powerpoint presentation from the NCD Alliance Webinar on Tuesday, June 4, 2013.

Draft Action Plan on NCDs 2013-20

World Health Organization has approved a draft action plan containing a vision, principles and approaches, a goal, six objectives, and voluntary global targets to be achieved by 2025. The Jan 11 plan mentalhealthdrugs will go for consultation in March and finally submitted for approval at the WHF Assembly in May 2013.

Our Time:  A Call to Save Preventable Death from CVD. See summary targets.

25% reduction in NCDs by 2025 will require a concerted effort by all. Reductions in tobacco use, improved diets, more active lifestyle, reduced obesity, controlled blood pressure and less salt in the diet are part of it.  But so are drug therapies to prevent heart attacks and strokes and affordable technologies and essential medicines.

Healthy Latin American Coalition: meets at UN Summit in New York Sept 2011
CLAS members at UN Summit Sept 11

 Some members of CLAS find a moment to brief each other on the multitude of activities that took place during the UN Summit on NCDs in Sept 2011.  Since then, the World Health Organization has advanced in defining targets and indicators for monitoring noncommunicable diseases and an action plan.