cabezal-vital-aire-vitalThe InterAmerican Heart Foundation is pleased to announce the winners of the Seventh Interamerican “Vital Air” Journalism Contest focusing on “Tobacco Industry Interference with Implementation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control.”

Tobacco use causes hundreds of thousands of deaths every year in Latin America and the Caribbean.  However, Latin America and the Caribbean have taken important steps towards adopting tobacco control and prevention measures, in particular, tobacco control policies following the requirements and guidelines of the World Health Organization’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).  Many of these achievements would not have been possible without the continuous support, conviction and courage of many journalists who have presented the facts and influenced the public as well as government and business leaders. Journalists reach those that hold great economic and political power in our societies.  This is why we believe that it is important to reward and stimulate the actions of journalists whose work helps advance tobacco control.

The international jury had a very difficult job in selecting the winners given the level of excellence of the journalistic works that were received.  The winners of the Seventh Interamerican “Vital Air” Journalism Contest are:

Overall Winner and First Place Internet: was awarded to Bernardita García Jiménez, journalist with El Mostrador in Santiago, Chile, for her report “El largo brazo del lobby de las tabacaleras”.  (

Honorable Mention Internet:  Francisco Martorell, journalist with El Periodista in Santiago, Chile for his report “Juicio de Chile a Tabacaleras de EEUU: la demanda que se esfumó en medio del lobby”.  ( )

First Place Print: was awarded to Johanna Nublat, journalist with Folha de Sao Paulo in Brasilia, Brasil, for her report “Projetos na Camara podem por fim a proibicao de fumo com sabor”.  ( )

Honorable Mention Print:  Pedro Lipcovich, journalist with Página 12 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for his report “Las deudas en la lucha contra el tabaco”.  ( )

First Place Radio: was awarded to Ana Maria Vega, journalist with Todo Salud, Nacional Mendoza in Mendoza, Argentina for her report “Lo que los fumadores no saben”.  ( )

Honorable Mention Radio:  Daniel Cassola, journalist with Radio Splendid in Buenos Aires, Argentina, for his report “Actualidad del Tabaquismo en Argentina”.  ( )

First Place Television: was awarded to Mirtha Mabel Dell'Orfano, journalist with Centro Transitar in Neuquén, Argentina for her report “Adicciones Mala Vida”.
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A list of all the journalism works submitted can be found at:

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Steering Committee Seventh Journalism Contest “Aire Vital”

Dr. Mariela Alderete (FIC Argentina) – Dr. Beatriz Champagne (IAHF) – Ms. Cinthia Shammah (FIC Argentina) – Ms. Yahaira Ochoa (FIC México) – Dr. Anna Monteiro (ACT Brasil) – Dr. Selva Andreoli (Uruguay) – Mr. Gonzalo Andrés Palma (Chile Libre de Tabaco) – Ms. Lezak Shallat (Chile Libre de Tabaco) – Dr. Jaime Arcila (Corporate Accountability International Colombia) – Mr. Javier Valenzuela (IAHF)