During the World Conference on Tobacco or Health in Cape Town, Vital Strategies launched a global campaign to separate the tobacco industry from its associates that make their work possible, especially advertising agencies.

We call on non-profit organizations and companies with a health mission to commit to not working with the tobacco industry or advertising agencies that help and encourage the industry's effort to engage a new generation of tobacco users. You can make your promise here.

quitbigtabacoimageThe campaign was launched with a QuitBigTobacco.org website and on social media, #QuitBigTobacco. The idea is to expose these affiliations and press marketing and advertising agencies to abandon their relationships with the tobacco industry. We urge all of you to amplify the campaign by making the promise and sharing our materials on social networks.

Tobacco claims more than 7 million lives each year. The tobacco industry uses aggressive marketing to engage young people and turn them into lifelong smokers; Advertising is the vector for the death and misery that tobacco causes.

Some organizations and their advertising agencies have decided not to work with the tobacco industry, but others continue to do so. Some advertising agencies have clients from the tobacco industry while, at the same time, working with organizations focused on health. For example, the global Marlboro campaign "Do not Be a Maybe" is the work of Leo Burnett, the same advertising agency behind recent announcements by United Healthcare, a leading health insurance company that may not be aware of the situation. This is an unacceptable contradiction.

#QuitBigTobacco draws attention to advertising agencies with these conflicts of interest. We are asking nonprofit companies and organizations focused on health, and you, our colleagues and friends, to advocate for health by refusing to work with suppliers that have ties to the tobacco industry.

We encourage all health-related organizations to verify that their current providers do not work with the tobacco industry. They might consider including a conflict of interest clause in their standard provider contracts, if they do not already have one. This will prevent agencies from working with the tobacco industry while working with our organizations. This action also sends a strong message that we will not spend money on suppliers that do not share the values ​​of our organizations.
For more information contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  To follow the campaign visit: https://twitter.com/QuitBigTobacco.