IAHF National Members

The "national member" category is for leading organization in the American and Caribbean region that work to promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health and reduce death and disability from these diseases in their countries and the region.

Benefits of being a national member of the IAHF

1. Promote cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health in the region

  • Strengthen our position with international organizations.
  • Define platforms and maintain a consistent and united voice at the international level.
  • Communicate the reality of the American and Caribbean region to increase understanding of our needs.
  • Validation our member organizations through joint regional action.
  • Increase awareness in the public on the magnitude of cardio and cerebrovascular diseases through joint actions.
  • Participate in defining priorities for the region.
  • Facilitate advocacy actions in your country through letter-writing campaigns, IAHF and other international organizations actions.
  • Influence agendas on health, development, gender, agriculture, social and economic policies in our region.
  • Support compliance with international treaties such as those on human rights and others.

2. Learn and share knowledge and expertise among members and other entities at the regional and international level

  • Opportunity to participate in organizational networks committed to reducing disability and death from cardio and cerebrovascular disease in the American and Caribbean region.
  • Join coalitions such as the Healthy Caribbean Coalition, dietary salt reduction (ALASS), tobacco control (CLACCTA) and nicotine dependence treatment (Global Bridges).
  • Receive information on international intitiatives and opportunities of interest
  • Opportunity to help the countries and members in our region who need it most.
  • Incorporation of reciprocal links on websites, twitter and other social media sites to reach more individuals.

3. Increase the profile of your organization on a regional and international level

  • Highlight the work being done in each country and the region.
  • Participate in the development of regional initiatives.
  • Provide leadership opportunities within the IAHF through participation in task forces, committees and its Board of Directors.
  • Opportunity to nominate individuals to be considered for IAHF Board positions.
  • Provide leadership opportunities in regional and international entities.
  • Inclusion in reports and information about the region.
  • Opportunity to sponsor IAHF events in your country.

4. Increase access to materials, reports, tools and other support elements

  • Share available international resources.
  • Identify needs in your country and the region.
  • Identify international speakers on different subjects.
  • Participate in training programs.

5. Opportunities for discounts on IAHF events in the region

  • Discounts on events such as the Regional Conference on Tobacco OR Health and the Civil Society Leadership Workshop.

6. Opportunities to increase the resources of your organization

  • Help attract financial resources to the region.
  • Consultations to improve project proposals to national and international organizations.
  • Opportunity to implement IAHF programs in your country.
  • Participate in the development of joint regional programs with the IAHF.
  • Use of the IAHF name and logo and the phrase "Member of the InterAmerican Heart Foundation".
  • Use of the IAHF name and logo, according to IAHF graphic standards, to promote national initiatives.