The following information comes from the "Policy Statement – Preventing cardiovascular disease in the Americas by reducing dietary salt intake population-wide". Click here to download the complete policy statement.

Objectives for non-governmental organizations, health care organizations, associations of health professionals

  • Educate memberships on the health risks of high dietary salt and how to reduce salt intake. Encourage involvement in advocacy. Monitor and promote presentations on dietary salt at national meetings and the publication of articles on dietary salt.
  • Promote and advocate media releases on dietary salt reduction to reach the public, including children and particularly women given their integral roles in family health and food preparation.
  • Broadly disseminate relevant literature.
  • Educate policy and decision makers on the health benefits of lowering blood pressure among normotensive and hypertensive people, regardless of age.
  • Advocate policies and regulations that will contribute to population-wide reductions in dietary salt.
  • Promote coalition building, increase organizational capacity for advocacy and develop advocacy tools to promote civil society actions.